Smash Mouth: An Untold History Of A Band You Love To Hate (Pt. 2)


How does a hit song stay beloved thirty years later? Sure, Smash Mouth’s oddball blend of vintage rock, ska and unabashed 90s pop isn’t for everyone – but they’ve weathered a generation of changing tastes and tens of thousands still go nuts every time they show up at a festival or concert anywhere in the world. Trust me, if you sang “All Star” anywhere on earth, people would be singing along, whether you dig it or not. There’s just something special there.

In the second part of my backyard conversation with Zach Goode, the new frontman of Smash Mouth – we dive into his long journey playing in groups that inspired many early 90s hard rock luminaries but never quite rose to the top, and making the most of this strange and life-changing opportunity to be in the spotlight at last – and the tough sacrifices in his personal life that came from this new fame.