Larkin Poe

This week, we finish off this season with Larkin Poe, a powerful Southern sister-act that has been wowing audiences around the world with their transformative take on Southern blues and cagey slide-guitar driven rock n’ roll.
Taking inspiration from their frontiersmen-inspired family who often build and make everything themselves, Rebecca and Megan indeed took DIY to a new level: they have written, produced and performed nearly all their own records and EPs themselves, and while they often pay homage to legends like Robert Johnson, Blind Willie Johnson and more modern greats like The Allman Brothers and The Moody Blues, they have also put their own rawboned stamp on stellar ZZ-Top-esque originals like “Self-Made Man” which is also the title of their newest record.
While the sisters admit that doing almost everything in-house can be like walking a tricky tight rope, the results have been encouraging. From show-stopping appearances at festivals like Glastonbury, to opening for the revivified touring version of Queen (Brian May is a new fan) to headlining the 2020 Mahindra Blues Festival in Mumbai, India – to snagging a Grammy nom for their hard-stomping record Venom and Faith – one would think that they should keep on following their DIY instincts.
Larkin Poe doesn’t plan on taking it easy even though they haven’t been able to tour in 2020 – in November they will release Kindred Spirits, a collection of beloved stripped-back covers. Stick around to the end of the show to hear their acoustic version of Lenny Kravitz’s “Fly Away.”

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