Rock Church: Julien Baker


Singer-songwriter Julien Baker joins Katie on this episode to talk about exploring spirituality outside of the church and how she translates her experience into her music. Julien explains why, despite not wanting to be called a ‘Christian” she still has a strong affinity for the bible, and how her understanding of “God” has changed.


Julien Rose Baker is an American singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. She has received widespread critical acclaim for her music, which often confronts issues of spirituality, addiction, mental illness, and human nature. Her latest album, “Little Oblivions”, is available now.


This episode of The Recovering Catholic was Produced & Hosted by Katie Pruitt. Artwork by: Sami Wideberg (Stolen Trailers Studios), Mixed by: Guy Fell. Edited by: Justin Thomas (Revoice Media) with Osiris Production led by Kirsten Cluthe. Theme Music by Katie Pruitt, Music by Julien Baker.


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