Series Finale: Bob Costa and Mark McKinnon

On this final episode of Politics of Truth we’ll wrap up the 2020 election with two of our favorite returning guests, Washington Post National Political Reporter Bob Costa and Mark McKinnon, a veteran political advisor, former musician, and co-host of Showtime’s The Circus.

We try to make some sense of the electoral warfare being waged on the results of the presidential election, and who it’s playing to. We also consider the historic turnout numbers across the country combined with razor thin margins in so many races, and unpack the tribal allegiances behind what look like Democrat/Republican splits.

Then we look ahead to the 2 upcoming special elections for Senate seats in Georgia, which will determine the balance of power for the next two years and make or break important parts of any Biden agenda.

Finally, Bob updates us on his daughter Hallie’s battle with cancer and the inspiring will she’s been showing during her recent treatment.  

Thank you all for joining us on this journey. We’ve had a great time bringing you these conversations and this show has been a bright spot for many of us amidst the craziest year any we’ll ever go through.  

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