Episode 8: Can Vote-By-Mail Work?

This week we zoom in on a subject a lot of folks have been thinking about as we follow the news during lockdown, and that’s vote-by-mail. Even before COVID-19 we were likely to see an increase in absentee ballots in November. But after Wisconsin held their primary amidst a health crisis and social distancing restrictions, the whole country got to see the risks of a massive uptick in absentee voting across all 50 states, all of which administer their own elections differently.

How can states use the six months between now and Election Day to find common ground and avoid judicial fights that erode voters confidence in our elections and, worst case scenario, don’t provide a conclusive and accepted result? And if you vote by mail in November, what should you know to make sure your vote is counted appropriately?

We dig into these questions with two guests who offer a few important questions of their own. The first is Ned Foley, constitutional law professor at Ohio State University and the author, most recently, of the book “Presidential Elections and Majority Rule”. An expert on election law, Ned also wrote an opinion piece in Politico last week called “Why Vote By Mail Could Be A Legal Nightmare in November”.

Next we speak to New York Times reporter Nick Corasaniti, co-author of a great piece in The Times titled “Why Republicans Are So Afraid of Vote-by-Mail” . Nick has been covering the fallout from Wisconsin’s disastrous primary and what lessons we can learn to ensure the greatest voting access as possible during this unprecedented election year. Please check out Nick’s ongoing coverage of this story; the stakes are too high not to.

Please stay safe out there, and enjoy the conversation.

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