Episode 7: Marc Brownstein and Robert Costa

Our focus shifts from the 2020 campaign to the covid-19 crisis that’s reshaping every dimension of Americans’ lives, while reminding voters about the importance of political leadership in uncertain times.

First Bob speaks with Robert Costa, National Political Reporter for The Washington Post and host of Washington Week on PBS, about how life as a connected reporter changes in a disconnected world as millions shelter-in-place. How should we follow the changing messages coming from the White House as all 50 states respond to the virus? How can we plan for a resumption of normal activities when the effects of an economic shutdown are only starting to ripple across entire industries? And how will a Democratic nominee emerge from a primary process that’s been stopped in its tracks by social distancing?

Bob also talks to Marc Brownstein, bassist for The Disco Biscuits and co-founder of the national voter registration organization Headcount, which has registered more than 600,000 new voters at concerts and festivals since 2004. The Disco Biscuits cancelled their shows the moment the virus took hold in the US and, like countless other musicians, are trying to adjust to a new paradigm without live events for a while. Marc explains how he used that moment as an opportunity to quickly launch a new product, LiveLessonMasters.com, which enables musicians (as well as wellness experts, chefs, and others) to link with fans for virtual lessons that foster a real connection between the artist and their supporters on an individual level.  

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