Episode 6: Mark McKinnon of The Circus


Several big states held their primaries but the presidential campaign, like the rest of the country, is racing against a public health crisis that’s keeping most Americans indoors. On Politics of Truth we’ll continue to cover the presidential election, however it proceeds from here. But as the coronavirus crisis unfolds we’ll look at how its impacts, from economic slowdown to social distancing, may affect not just the 2020 election but the future of American political life.  

This week Bob spoke with Mark McKinnon, a decorated political advisor and co-host of Showtime’s The Circus, who has one of the most unique bios of anyone I know. They discuss Mark’s experience in the Bush Administration during 9/11 and some parallels with today’s fear and uncertainty, plus stories of the colorful characters Mark grew up working with in Texas politics and elsewhere. They also consider whether Bernie Sanders’ campaign has a path forward and how Joe Biden, if he secures the nomination, might adapt his message as voters’ needs evolve throughout the crisis.  

Finally, Mark opens up about high school days as a songwriter and his aspirations as a professional musician, including a must-hear story about meeting Kris Kristofferson as a teenager and moving to Nashville to work with him.  

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