Episode 3: Jon Ralston of The Nevada Independent


In this week’s episode we look back at Bernie Sanders’ resounding win in the Nevada Caucus, and ahead to this weekend’s pivotal South Carolina Primary. Bob speaks with Jon Ralston, founder of The Nevada Independent and the authority on Nevada politics, about the aftermath of Sanders’ win in Nevada and what it means for the future of the caucus system in future campaigns. 

Then we’ll look ahead to South Carolina with Dr. Scott Huffman, founder of Winthrop University’s Center for Public Opinion & Policy Research and creator of the Winthrop Poll, the most respected poll in southern politics. With Joe Biden staking his entire campaign on the results in South Carolina and other contenders facing a do-or-die contest before Mike Bloomberg officially enters the race on Super Tuesday, the stakes could not be higher in The Palmetto State this year. Opinions and punditry are running rampant, so tune in here for the Politics of Truth.

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