Episode 25: Doug Heye + Jonathan Karl + Susan King


This week CNN’s Doug Heye takes over hosting duties for Bob on Politics of Truth

Doug’s first guest is ABC News Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl. Jonathan has covered four presidents and has become a recognizable face in the last few years for his lively barbs with various Trump White House press secretaries. Jonathan shares this inside perspective in his recent best-selling book “Front Row at the Trump Show,” and he and Doug discuss how White House reporters have to do their jobs differently when confronted by an administration who views them as the enemy.

Later Doug speaks with Susan King, Dean of the UNC School of Media and Journalism, about the next generation of reporters that she works with every day inside and outside the classroom. Susan describes the challenges and opportunities presented by new media technologies, and why her students leave her feeling optimistic about the future of our news industry. 

Thanks for listening, and please remember to vote on November 3rd. 

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