Episode 11: Mickey Hart and Robert Costa


This week we’ve got a very special episode for you. Bob is joined once again by Bob Costa, National Political Reporter for The Washington Post, the host of Washington Week on PBS, and a long-time fan of our other guest, Mickey Hart.  

Mickey is the legendary drummer and percussionist of the Grateful Dead, as well as countless other musical endeavors over more than 50 years in the business. It’s great to have Bob and Mickey here together on account of their mutual admiration and some of the common experiences of reporters and musicians.  

The discussion touches on music as a unifying force and its scientifically proven ability to enhance the healing of our minds and bodies. Also the force of rhythm, not only in music but in life; even more important to be mindful of as all of our daily rhythms are out of sync during this period of confinement. Yet we know this moment will propel new forms of creativity in music and beyond; we’re already witnessing a real-time soundtrack of this global crisis streaming directly from artists at home across the globe. And we’re all grateful for that.

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