Episode 75: John Kimock

Episode 75 of The JamBase Podcast, a partner of the Osiris Media Network, features an interview with drummer/producer John Kimock. John plays drums in a variety of groups including ensembles led by his father, guitarist Steve Kimock, and Phish bassist Mike Gordon‘s solo band. Kimock spoke from his home in Pennsylvania with JamBase’s Scott Bernstein for a conversation focusing on Astrology Days Records, a label John runs with Cabinet‘s Pappy Biondo.

John Kimock and Pappy Biondo launched Astrology Days in March 2020, when the pandemic forced the musicians off the road. Kimock spoke about how he met Biondo and the pair’s decision to start their own label. He recalled the first steps they took to get Astrology Days off the ground and their goals for the imprint. John talked about the first Astrology Days releases and the challenges faced. He went on to explain that most of the label’s artists found John and Pappy rather than the other way around.

One of those first Astrology Days releases was a Gordon Stone anthology. Gordon was a Burlington-based musician who mentored Pappy. Stone died on the day the label planned to put out the anthology. John told Scotty about how the label got involved with Gordon and the shock of his loss.

John detailed the way music lovers can best help artists and small labels during these tough times and the pair used Burlington-based band The Wormdogs as an example of Astrology Days’ working relationship with one of its acts. Other topics hit upon were the size of the label’s team, Kimock’s collaborations with Mike Gordon, his thoughts on livestreams and his life beyond the label in a tumultuous 2020. Finally, John previewed a video from Astrology Days artist Brendan Brisk that JamBase will premiere on Monday, January 18.

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