Episode 69: Kevin Morby

Episode 69 of The JamBase Podcast presents an interview with singer-songwriter Kevin Morby. JamBase and The JamBase Podcast are partners with the Osiris Media Network, the podcast network for music.

Host Scott Bernstein opened the episode with some exciting news from JamBase. ScottyB detailed the all-new JamBase iOS app that was recently released for Apple users that we’re extremely excited about. He also reviewed the JamBase Holiday Buying Guide and gave updates on the JamBase Live Video Archive and JamBase Livestreams Calendar.


JamBase’s Andy Kahn interviewed Kevin Morby a couple of weeks ago from Morby’s home in Kansas City. The conversation began with a discussion of recent sets Morby performed while opening for Nathaniel Rateliff at a limited capacity Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Morby also talked about his weekly livestream series featuring a chronological complete performance of each of his solo albums, leading to tonight’s rendition of Sundowner, which comes out tomorrow on Dead Oceans.

Morby talked to Kahn about writing Sundowner after moving back home following years living in New York City and Los Angeles. Morby explained how isolation — both personally and from living in the Midwest — influenced the album. They discussed recording Sundowner with producer Brad Cook at Sonic Ranch in Tornillo, Texas. Kahn asked Morby about several people who have passed away, including Richard Swift and Anthony Bourdain, that are referenced on the album.


Morby also talked about his partner Katie Crutchfield (Waxahatchee), who appears in a pair of videos for Sundowner singles and helped coin the term “sundowner” that describes a feeling of melancholy that sets in at dusk. Morby also discussed touring before COVID-19 and the impact the pandemic has had on his career and personal life. The interview also touches on Morby’s contribution to the new Fleet Foxes album Shore, his Record Store Day live album Oh Mon Dieu, nunchucks and more.

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