Episode 68: Jeremy Ivey

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Episode 68 of The JamBase Podcast features an interview with singer-songwriter Jeremy Ivey. JamBase and The JamBase Podcast are partners with the Osiris Media Network, the podcast network for music.


A few weeks back, JamBase’s Andy Kahn chatted with Jeremy Ivey over a video call. Jeremy was at his home near Nashville where he lives with his wife and musical partner Margo Price and their children. Ivey discussed his upcoming new album, Waiting Out The Storm, that Price produced and comes out on ANTI- Records on October 16.

The album’s release date was postponed by a week due to production delays caused by the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. Ivey told Kahn about his own harrowing experience with COVID-19, which made him incredibly sick in the spring and is still causing lingering effects.


Ivey also talked about his evolving songwriting process, collaborating with Margo, the role his band The Extraterrestrials played on the new album, the death of his friend and mentor John Prine from C19 and much more.

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