Episode 67: Phil Cook

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The latest episode of The JamBase Podcast features an interview with multi-talented musician Phil Cook. JamBase and The JamBase Podcast are partners with the Osiris Media Network, the podcast network for music.

JamBase’s Andy Kahn remotely spoke to Phil over a video call while he was hanging out in his backyard from his home in Durham, North Carolina. The interview began with the pair discussing Phil’s weekly Spiritual Helpline livestream series that he’s been hosting on Sunday’s during the COVID-19 pandemic. Phil talked about how the series got started and how Spiritual Helpline is not only the livestream series but the name of his record label for which he has big plans for in the near future that he could only hint at.


Phil went on to detail his relationship with Oliver Wood, who recently released a track that was written by Phil and Oliver called “Soul Of This Town.” The interview also touched on what’s on the horizon for Hiss Golden Messenger — a project Cook tours with.

Andy also asked Phil about his former band Megafaun who recently released their excellent catalog to streaming services. Listen for a story Phil told AK about listening to one of their albums for the first time in many years and the cool coincidence that happened with the other two members of Megafaun, his brother Brad Cook and Joe Westerlund.

Phil also recalled the memorable experiences he had attending the 1997 H.O.R.D.E. Tour where among many things he got to meet Col. Bruce Hampton. You’ll also hear Phil talk about his love for The Slip. Phil and Andy also swapped tales of building their respective record collections from LPs handed down by their parents.


Please excuse a few instances where the audio breaks up, one of which was when Phil was talking about watching the memorial service for George Floyd which might be a bit unclear at the start.

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