Episode 66: Zach Gill

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Episode 66 of The JamBase Podcast, a partner of the Osiris Media Network, contains an interview with Zach Gill of ALO and Jack Johnson‘s band. Scott Bernstein of JamBase spoke with Gill earlier this week via a Zoom conference for a chat about how Zach has dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic and his upcoming solo album, Cocktail Yoga.

Zach Gill was on the road with ALO when the pandemic hit just before the band had a chance to finish this year’s Tour d’Amour. Gill discussed how big of a change it has been for him to stay home as a musician who is constantly touring. He explained how weird livestreaming was for him and why he decided to focus his efforts on Cocktail Yoga, a nine-track mostly instrumental LP due on September 18 via Brushfire/Republic Records.


Cocktail Yoga was birthed out of recording sessions held in the “Creativity Lounge,” his garage/home studio. Gill spoke of how he was working on songs both with and without lyrics, when his manager brought up the idea of compiling the instrumentals as an album. Zach really enjoyed the project which gave him an escape from the stress of the pandemic. “It was a really nice personal reprieve for me to work on it,” Gill said.

The multi-instrumentalist also spoke about keeping in touch with his ALO band mates over the past few months. Gill revealed the members of the quartet have been sending each other tracks back and forth featuring “bold compositions” that will soon come down the pike. Additionally, Zach and Scotty discussed how he stays positive during the pandemic, what Jack Johnson has been up to lately, lessons learned from reading Harpo Marx’s autobiography and more.

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