Episode 65: Tim Showalter of Strand Of Oaks

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Episode 65 of The JamBase Podcast, a partner of the Osiris Media Network, features an interview with Tim Showalter of Strand of Oaks. JamBase’s Andy Kahn caught up with Showalter remotely via a Zoom chat last week to discuss how he’s getting through the COVID-19 pandemic for Tim’s second appearance on the podcast.


AK and Tim’s wide-ranging conversation covered plenty of ground. Showalter recently moved to Austin and explained how good the change has been for him. Additionally, Tim stopped drinking and detailed how he’s reaping the rewards of that decision. The pandemic hit just as Showalter was about to take time to work on new music. He discussed his songwriting process as well as the ambient album, Ambient For Change that Strand Of Oaks released in June.

While Tim acknowledged all the strife and struggle going on in the world, Showalter spoke about the positive attitude he’s taken towards the future. Showalter called it his “survival mode” to talk about the future and projects in a hopeful way.


Another topic hit upon by AK and Showalter was Tim’s appreciation for the jam scene and Phish in particular. Tim explained how much Phish’s Dinner And A Movie weekly video broadcasts mean to him. He noted that Tuesday nights are his most social time of the week. Other subjects discussed are ways both artists and fans can help the live music infrastructure, Strand Of Oaks’ drive-in concert, Tim’s advice for creatives and more.

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