Episode 60: Jay Cobb Anderson of Fruition

Episode 60 of The JamBase Podcast features a “The Art Of The Setlist” segment with Jay Cobb Anderson of Fruition after a remembrance of some of the artists we’ve lost over the past few weeks including John Prine. This installment of The JamBase Podcast, the media partner of Osiris, is sponsored by Harry’s. Listeners of the podcast can start shaving better today by heading to Harrys.com/JamBase to reedeem a trial set that includes a weighted rubberized handle, five-blade razor cartridge, foaming shave gel and travel blade cover.

The episode starts with JamBase’s Andy Kahn talking about some of the musicians the world has lost since our last episode including Ellis Marsalis, Bill Withers and John Prine. AK explains why Prine was among his favorite artists, the importance of Prine’s music to his family and shares a personal story of how the legendary singer-songwriter’s “Paradise” cemented the relationship between Andy and his wife’s grandmother. Kahn also shows love for Backline, a non-profit connecting music industry professionals and their family members with a trusted network of mental health and wellness providers. Finally, AK reminds our listeners of the JamBase Livestreams Calendar and Gimme Shelter In Place video series.


Fruition guitarist/vocalist Jay Cobb Anderson spoke with JamBase’s Scott Bernstein in the band’s Sprinter outside of Brooklyn Bowl in New York City before their show on February 5. Scotty attended a band meeting backstage first, where Fruition spent over 30 minutes planning their setlist for the evening. Anderson starts the conversation by explaining all the different things that go into setlist decisions including the flow of energy, tempo, keys and the location of the show. He details the egalitarian approach Fruition takes to figuring out what songs they will play as displayed during the meeting Scotty attended. Additional topics hit upon are band politics, the bad part of opening for other artists, adding two new albums worth of material to the rotation, what 2020 was supposed to hold for Fruition (before the pandemic ruined those plans) and more.

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