Episode 59: Washington Nationals pitcher Sean Doolittle

Major League Baseball player Sean Doolittle of the Washington Nationals discusses his love of Phish, the Grateful Dead and other jam acts in the latest installment of The JamBase Podcast, a partner of the Osiris Media network. The interview with the pitcher comes after a discussion about the JamBase Livestreams Calendar, the Gimme Shelter In Place video series and Sigma Oasis, the new Phish album as part of “The Rundown.”

JamBase’s Scott Bernstein and David Onigman start the episode by talking about the effect of the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak and just how much has changed in the world since our last episode. DaveO then recalls how the JamBase Livestreams Calendar came together and the new features added over the past two weeks. Next, David discusses the genesis and progression of JamBase’s Gimme Shelter In Place video series. Finally, Scotty and DaveO share their thoughts on Sigma Oasis, an album Phish announced and then shared worldwide over the course of two days.


ScottyB headed to the Washington Nationals’ Spring Training home in West Palm Beach, Florida on March 3 — before baseball and the rest of the world were shut down due to COVID-19 — to chat with Sean Doolittle for the debut installment of We Are Everywhere. The new segment features discussions with notable figures about their love of live music. Doolittle recalls how he discovered the music of Phish, his passion for the Grateful Dead, the time when he usually listens to Goose and much more. The pitcher also shares a story of a fan who made his experience at the Nationals’ 2019 victory parade even sweeter and how he designed his Phish-themed glove.

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