Episode 57: Charlie Hunter

Guitarist Charlie Hunter talks “Musical Mentors” on Episode 57 of The JamBase Podcast. The interview with Hunter comes after a quick “Rundown” of recent live music news by JamBase’s Andy Kahn and a brief profile of DanceSafe.

Charlie Hunter spoke with JamBase’s Scott Bernstein aboard Jam Cruise 18. Hunter’s “Musical Mentors” include his mother, who repaired guitars, Joe Satriani and a number of the musicians who influenced him through their records. Charlie discussed how he came to start playing an unorthodox eight-string guitar and why he now uses a seven-string axe. Other topics hit upon were the formation of his TJ Kirk project, his 1997 cover of Bob Marley’s Natty Dread LP for Blue Note, those who he now mentors and more.


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