Episode 50: Steve Gorman Of The Black Crowes/Trigger Hippy

The Thanksgiving edition of The JamBase Podcast, a member of the Osiris podcast network, features an interview with drummer and author Steve Gorman. Gorman chatted with JamBase’s Andy Kahn for a “Tour Stories” segment before a recent Trigger Hippy show in Minneapolis.

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Gorman was on tour with Trigger Hippy in support of their new album, Full Circle & Then Some. Steve talks about the current state of the band, which includes bassist Nick Govrik
and newcomers, saxophonist and vocalist Amber Woodhouse and guitarist/singer Ed Jurdi of The Band of Heathens.


Gorman recently issued a memoir documenting his experience with The Black Crowes, Hard To Handle – The Life And Death Of The Black Crowes, and he discusses the process of writing the book with co-author Steven Hyden. Gorman explains how the pair worked at selecting which “tour stories” made the final cut. Gorman talks about where the idea to write a book came from, the unexpected emotional impact that came out of recording the audiobook and the response he’s received from many of the people connected to The Black Crowes.

The interview also touches on the upcoming The Black Crowes reunion tour — which Gorman is not part of — and Steve’s relationship with the other members of the band.

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