Episode 36: Greg Ormont Of Pigeons Playing Ping Pong & Ahmet Zappa And Jeff Pezzuti

The latest episode of The JamBase Podcast, a member of the Osiris podcast network, features the debut of “It’s My Party” with of as well as an “All Access” segment with Eyellusion’s Ahmet Zappa and Jeff Pezzuti focusing on tour. The pair of interviews follow “The Rundown” of recent news stories.

JamBase’s Andy Kahn and Greg chatted right before Pigeons took the stage at The Varsity Theater in Minneapolis last weekend on their Road To Red Rocks tour with (the two bands play Red Rocks tonight with also on the bill). The two discuss the annual Domefest music festival organized by Ormont and fellow PPPP guitarist Jeremy Schon (who was sitting-in with Twiddle during the interview). They talk about the origins of the festival and Schon founding Domefest in 2010 while still a student at the University Of Maryland. Greg talks about the evolution of Domefest over the years and the immense amount of work and planning that he and Jeremy put into organizing the event each year. Ormont also talks about Domefest’s new venue, Marvin’s Mountaintop in Masontown, West Virginia, which will host the festival for the first time on May 17 – 19. The chat also covers Domefest themes, building the lineup and what the future of Domefest looks like.

Ahmet Zappa and Jeff Pezzuti spoke with Scott Bernstein at JamBase in New York City. Both Eyellusion executives put together the Bizarre World Of Frank Zappa tour, which includes a holographic version of Ahmet’s dad, Frank Zappa performing along with FZ band alums Mike Keneally, Scott Thunes, Robert Martin, Ed Mann as well as Zappa archivist and drummer Joe Travers. Ahmet starts by detailing his start in the music industry and his time at Disney. Then, the pair talk about the genesis of the tour and Jeff’s background that led to founding Eyellusion. Zappa and Pezzuti describe their experience putting the Bizarre World Of Frank Zappa tour together and their impressions of the first few nights. Other topics hit upon are Ahmet’s role running the Zappa Family Trust, the contents of Frank Zappa’s vault and a Frank Zappa documentary filmmaker Alex Winter is currently working on.

The episode begins with Scotty providing “The Rundown.” First, Bernstein recaps the news surrounding the uncertain fate of the Woodstock 50 music festival. Then, he describes his experience witnessing the premiere of the documentary Between Me & My Mind as well as catching three out of four recent performances. Finally, Scotty shares his take on attending the Bizarre World Of Frank Zappa tour stop at The Paramount in Huntington, New York.

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