Episode 35: Jack Johnson/ALO’s Zach Gill & Son Volt’s Jay Farrar

The latest episode of The JamBase Podcast features interviews with of and fame as well as ‘s . Both musicians told “Tour Stories” after “The Rundown,” a chat about recent shows hosts Scott Bernstein and Andy Kahn saw while visiting JamBase HQ in Oakland.

Zach Gill’s “Tour Stories” segment was the last of The JamBase Podcast interviews recorded by ScottyB aboard Jam Cruise 17. Scotty and Zach start by discussing ALO’s annual Tour d’Amour runs and how the band picks the covers they play. Gill then digs into his first tale from the road, as he recalls the group’s set at the 2007 Harmony Festival featuring special guest . An attendee crashed the stage making for a memorable version of “BBQ.” The multi-instrumentalist also tells stories about meeting President Barack Obama, performing with frontman and more.

The double dose of “Tour Stories” concludes with a segment featuring Jay Farrar of Son Volt recorded with ScottyB in New York City. Farrar and Bernstein talk about the recently released Son Volt album Union to kick off the chat. Farrar explains why he chose a pair of unusual locations to record the LP, how the theme of the album changed over the course of the sessions and fitting the new material into setlists. Then, Jay describes a few weird incidents that took place while on the road with Son Volt. The conversation ends with a Jay sharing his thoughts about what he took from his time in Uncle Tupelo with .

Episode 35 starts with “The Rundown.” For this edition, AK and ScottyB discuss a pair of concerts they saw in the Bay Area. The duo share their takes on catching and at Slim’s in San Francisco on Friday, April 19. Andy and Scotty also dive into the and show they witnessed at The Greek Theatre in Berkeley on Saturday, April 20.

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