Episode 143: Ghost Light’s Tom Hamilton & Raina Mullen

Episode 143 of The JamBase Podcast, a partner of the Osiris Media Network, features an interview with Ghost Light‘s Tom Hamilton and Raina Mullen. JamBase’s Scott Bernstein spoke to the guitarists/vocalists about the band’s new studio album, The Healing, which will be released on October 7.

The interview took place over a video call shortly after the pair finished filming the video for The Healing’s title track. The LP marks the quintet’s second album. Tom, Raina and bandmates keyboardist Holly Bowling and drummer Scotty Zwang recorded the follow-up to 2019’s Best Kept Secrets with former bassist Dan Africano. Africano left Ghost Light shortly after the 8-track effort was recorded with Taylor Shell tapped as the band’s new bassist. Hamilton and Mullen discussed what Taylor brings to Ghost Light both musically and personally as they shared their excitement to have Shell aboard.

Talk then turned to the songwriting process for The Healing. As the band’s primary songwriters, the pair described the many stages each song went through from initial idea to fully blossomed studio track. Tom and Raina would build out the arrangements and work out the intention of their material. Once the stack of tunes was big enough, they called in their bandmates for sessions that spanned late last year through early this year held at Hamilton’s studio in Philadelphia.

Hamilton, who made his The JamBase Podcast debut in 2018 for a “Quit My Day Job” segment with Bowling, produced The Healing and talked about what that role entailed. He noted the importance of staying honest with his bandmates and the need to care more about the song than themselves. The goal for Ghost Light is to make the best piece of art, so at times he needs to be a bullshit detector. He specified that goes for himself as well.

The chat eventually moved on to Ghost Light’s live show with the band about to start touring in support of The Healing. Mullen and Hamilton detailed the clever way the quintet makes their setlists these days and how that process has changed since the group first hit the road. The pair also explained why they haven’t played any covers so far this year, a trend they hope will continue.

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