Episode 141: Twiddle’s Mihali

Episode 141 of The JamBase Podcast, a partner of the Osiris Media Network, features an interview with Twiddle‘s Mihali. JamBase’s Nate Todd interviewed the guitarist about the band’s new studio album, Every Last Leaf, as well has his own solo album, Effection, and much more.

Nate caught up with Mihali backstage at the High Sierra Music Festival where the guitarist was getting ready to take the Grandstand Stage with Twiddle. Mihali and the band were prepping for their Sunday afternoon set following a late night excursion in the High Sierra Music Hall the night before. So time was tight, but Nate and Mihali had an insightful conversion about both Twiddle’s new album, Every Last Leaf, as well as Mihali’s new solo record, Effection, which are both out now.

The conversation opened with Mihali talking about the difference in approach to a late night affair and a daytime festival set. The guitarist and singer-songwriter also detailed Twiddle’s new album, Every Last Leaf, as well as the first single, “The Devil,” featuring Blues Traveler’s John Popper. Mihali also revealed the interesting rhythmic production on the track “Beautiful.”

Mihali then discussed his new solo album, Effection, and working with producer and friend Nate Feinstein of Iya Terra. Mihali also talked about the featured artists on Effection including previous JamBase Podcast guests Jacob Hemphill of SOJA and Dispatch’s Chadwick Stokes. Additionally, the conversation touched on how Mihali’s work with Twiddle relates to his solo material and vice versa, his favorite reggae artists and more.

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