Episode 132: Mapache

Episode 132 of The JamBase Podcast, a partner of the Osiris Media Network, features an interview with Clay Finch and Sam Blasucci of Mapache. JamBase’s Andy Kahn spoke to the duo about their recently released studio album, Roscoe’s Dream, and much more.

The interview with Blasucci and Finch took place over a video call, with each musician calling in from their respective homes in California. The guys talked about making Roscoe’s Dream, their third full-length album, with their longtime collaborator and essentially third member of the band, bassist Dan Horne. Part of the interview focused on recording at Horne studio in Los Angeles, where they lived for a time, and how the familiarity helped set the right vibe while making the album.

The pair of guitarists discussed their approach to singing and recording their ever-so-sweet vocal harmonies. They also got into the expansive sound and instrumentation featured on Roscoe’s Dream, which they said was a natural progression for them as a band.

Blasucci and Finch talked about writing and recording songs in different languages. They’re known to sing in Spanish, which they do on the new album, but this time around they also covered a song written in Hawaiian.

Blasucci also talked about his dog Roscoe, a 15-year-old Boston Terrier whom the album is named after and that’s been with the band since the start. The interview touched on a variety of other topics, such as their recent tour through various locales in California as an homage to PBS show hosted by Hugh Howser California’s Gold.

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