Episode 130: Lettuce’s Adam Deitch

Episode 130 of The JamBase Podcast, a partner of the Osiris Media Network, features an interview with Lettuce‘s Adam Deitch. JamBase’s Andy Kahn interviewed the drummer about the band’s recently released studio album, Unify, and much more.

Deitch spoke over a video call from his home in Colorado. The interview focused mostly on the new Lettuce album, Unify, which came out on June 3rd. Deitch detailed making the album during the COVID-19 pandemic and maneuvering through the challenges it presented. He explained how the band takes a song from a demo and develops it into a fully formed piece of music.

The multi-talented musician described the amazing experience of getting to work with the legendary funk bassist Bootsy Collins who appears on the Unify track “Keep The Funk Alive.” Deitch and his Lettuce bandmates have worked with many iconic musicians over the years, but Bootsy – a pioneer when it comes to funk music – was among the all-time highlights for Deitch.

The interview also touched on the other guests who contributed to the record, including Dumpstaphunk bassist Nick Daniels on “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” and Berklee professor Jeff Lockhart on guitar on “The Lock.”

Listen to hear Deitch go into the band’s creative process, explain how they communicate in the studio, what led to them self-produce Unify and the experience of working with engineer Jesse O’Brien at Colorado Sound Studios. Those are just a few of the many topics covered during the fun and insightful chat.

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