Episode 124: Railroad Earth’s Todd Sheaffer

Episode 124 of The JamBase Podcast, a partner of the Osiris Media Network, features an interview with Todd Sheaffer of Railroad Earth. JamBase’s Andy Kahn interviewed the guitarist about the band’s new album, All For The Song, and much more.

Sheaffer spoke to Kahn a few days before the release of All For The Song, which came out on April 22. Sheaffer talked about how COVID-19 pushed back the release of the album, which was recorded in New Orleans prior to the pandemic.

New Orleans guitarist Anders Osborne produced All For The Song and Sheaffer and discussed what it was like to work with him. Sheaffer described Osborne’s influence on the sound of the album, which includes horn and strings players that the producer recruited.

Sheaffer also talked significantly about the impact of the death of Railroad Earth’s co-founding member Andy Goessling, who died in October 2018. Sheaffer noted that part of the reason behind going to New Orleans to record with Osborne was to get the members of the band together for a bit of revitalizing retreat in order to reconnect and refocus after the death of such an integral member of the band.

Part of the interview covered the emotional aspects of recording the new album, which features several poignant songs that seemingly address all that the band has gone through. Sheaffer was also asked about playing the new songs in concert and how fans have responded to the new setlist additions.

The pair also touched on Railroad Earth’s touring plans for the upcoming year, getting to celebrate the music of Old & In The Way with the legendary Peter Rowan and much more.

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