Episode 107: Warren Haynes

Episode 107 of The JamBase Podcast, a partner of the Osiris Media Network, features the return of Warren Haynes. JamBase’s Scott Bernstein caught up with the Gov’t Mule frontman via video chat to discuss the quartet’s recently released album, Heavy Load Blues, and much more.

The JamBase Podcast launched four years ago this week. Haynes was among the first guests as he talked “The Art Of The Setlist” with Bernstein and JamBase’s Andy Kahn for a segment featured as part of Episode 3. Warren is back for a conversation focusing on Heavy Load Blues, Gov’t Mule’s first blues album. The singer-songwriter/guitarist recalled how his band members reacted when the idea of a blues album was initially broached. Heavy Load Blues was recorded at the same time the quartet tracked a more traditional Gov’t Mule LP. Haynes explained how the group took over two rooms at Power Station New England, each with a different vibe fitting for the separate projects.

Talk then turned to Haynes’ songwriting process and how he composed “Hole In My Soul,” one of six originals featured on Heavy Load Blues. Warren also recalled how he came up with the list of covers the group recorded for the LP, which came out via Fantasy Records on November 12. The 61-year-old musician went on to discuss the role his co-producer, John Paterno, played in the making of both Heavy Load Blues and the next Mule album. Haynes previewed the follow-up to the blues album which he revealed contains material completely new to Gov’t Mule fans.

Heavy Load Blues features contributions from a horn section and from harmonica player Hook Herrera. Haynes detailed how the horns added to the LP at Power Station New England and why Herrera’s parts were the only remote recordings used on the album.

Gov’t Mule devoted their Mule-o-Ween weekend in Atlanta to a complete live performance of Heavy Load Blues and a tribute to the 50th anniversary of The Allman Brothers Band’s At Fillmore East live album. Haynes shared memories of both shows at The Tabernacle.

Additionally, Haynes weighed in on reuniting with the Phil Lesh & Friends lineup known as the Phil Lesh Quintet or “The Q” for three October concerts at The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York. Warren and Scotty wrapped the chat with talk of Lesh’s Terrapin Crossroads restaurant/venue which recently closed.

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