Cluster Flies: Lindsay Lou – Mountains In The Mist

JamBase presents Cluster Flies, a covers compilation reimagining Phish’s album Farmhouse, complete with bonus songs and revamped tracklist. The limited-edition 3LP release was mastered by engineer Joe Lambert and includes custom artwork and a poster created by longtime Phish collaborator Jim Pollock. A pre-order is underway now through May 3 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern. Visit for purchasing information as well as full album credits and tracklist details.

Each of the songs on Cluster Flies will be featured via daily episodes of The JamBase Podcast with interviews with the musician that recorded the cover. Today’s episode features guitarist Lindsay Lou’s cover of “Mountains In The Mist.” Explore additional Cluster Flies podcast episodes here.

Phish’s song, “Mountains In The Mist,” is one of two bonus tracks featured on the Japanese import edition of Farmhouse. The quartet premiered their version of “Mountains In The Mist” on July 3, 1999 at Lakewood Amphitheatre in Atlanta and only 23 Phish performances of the song have followed.

While guitarist Trey Anastasio wrote “Mountains In The Mist” with longtime collaborator Tom Marshall, the pair weren’t in the same place when it was composed. Marshall penned the words and sent them to Anastasio, who set them to music. Anastasio debuted the song live on May 3rd, 1999 in Ann Arbor, Michigan during the first set of his inaugural solo tour.

“Mountains In The Mist” was played by Phish eight times in 1999 and was then shelved for 62 shows until a performance at Hampton Coliseum on January 4, 2003. Five more renditions followed that year and then “Mist” disappeared from the rotation once more. An acoustic version at Festival 8 in Indio, California was one of 10 plays during the period referred to by fans as 3.0.

The episode of The JamBase Podcast below takes a deep dive into the history of “Mountains In The Mist.” Additionally, the installment features an interview with Lindsay Lou who recorded a gorgeous “Mountains In The Mist” cover for Cluster Flies.

Lindsay Lou sings lead on “Mountains In The Mist” and is accompanied by vocalist Sierra Ferrell and banjoist/vocalist Kyle Tuttle — who recently joined The Lil Smokies — for her rendition. Lou, Ferrell and Tuttle deliver a breathtaking version of the delicate tune.

The current Nashville resident recently spoke with JamBase’s Scott Bernstein for The JamBase Podcast. Lou explains how she put the arrangement together, the recording session that yielded “Mountains In The Mist,” her familiarity with Phish and much more.

Watch a video featuring Lindsay Lou’s cover of Phish’s “Mountains In The Mist” for JamBase’s Cluster Flies.

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