The Great Blueyond – An Interview w/ Great Blue


Greg, Bruce, and Joey are back in the lab this week (or was it last week…time tends to escape us) to share stories about their latest concert experiences and discuss upcoming live events, including the Great Blue spring tour set to commence in May!


During this episode, the hosts reminisce about recent shows in NYC – covering bands such as Mungion, Eggy, and The Motet – and “look forward” to seeing concerts from this *past* weekend featuring Dogs In A Pile and lespecial. The guys also head #downthepathway to talk tour with the boiz from Great Blue – Peter Anspach, Ethan Michael, Seth Zucker, and Nick Hanna! Beyond their upcoming tour, the group discusses the history behind Great Blue, the growth of the band as friends and musicians, and how all “musical paths” lead back to Guitar Hero (or Rock Band, if you happen to play the French horn…or drums, whatever floats your boat). Make sure to listen in, and check out Great Blue live next month!


Great Blue Tour Dates:

5/17 Philadelphia, PA – Milkboy

5/18 Providence, RI – Fete Lounge

5/19 Saratoga Springs, NY – Putnam Place

5/21 Thornville, OH – Domefest

5/22 Rochester, NY – Flour City Station



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