Did it really happen? They actually did it? After five years, Shenanigans Nite Club has finally arrived. Goose’s long-awaited sophomore studio release is making waves… Someone should really make a podcast about these guys soon. 

Anyway, we head #downthepathway with two very special guests:

Kenny Cash, co-owner of Factory Underground and co-producer of Shenanigans Nite Club and Moon Cabin

Franz Petít Lúpen – Fashøn Consultant 

Invité du jour, Franz Petít Lúpen, our inaugural international interviewee, talks through the SNC recording process, his love of voicemails, and the elasticity of modern denim. Disclaimer: Petít Lúpen does NOT mean little wolf, it means “small robbed” Sorry, Greg speaks Spanish. 

Kenny Cash details the development of Goose’s studio sound, the challenges and benefits of an extended recording process, ghosts of Goosemas past, and more. 

A huge thanks to our listeners, we can’t wait to see all of you on leg 2. For now, stay in touch: 

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