Deep Cover

We can’t find episode 2 anywhere so we are coming in HOT with episode 3, “Deep Cover.” This time, we’re going #downthepathway with the Editorial Director of JamBase, Scott Bernstein. Scott joined us to talk the recent Jambase cover contest, the Cluster Flies compilation album and more… 

Joey, Bruce, and Greg also discuss the So Ready music video, Jeff’s chiseled jaw, The El Göose Times, Sea Lion… there may even be a Madonna mention (or 5).


  1. Cluster Flies (JamBase) –
  2. Jambase March Madness (Jambase) –
  3. All Goose covers in Joey’s “Best of Goose Covers” Nugs playlist –
  4. All favorite cover versions mentioned in one Spotify Playlist/Youtube links –
  5. Covers Wishlist –
  6. Julia Baker – Everything in it’s Right Place (Jambase) –
  7. Rolling in the Deep – Linkin Park (Youtube) –
  8. Crosstown Traffic – MM&W (Youtube) –
  9. Last Train Home – UM (Youtube) –

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