Victoria Canal + 90s Britpop + Steven Hyden on Radiohead

We have a bunch of new podcast episodes to tell you about. And as I mentioned, our Phish podcasts will be doing a collaboration—here’s the video, in case you missed it. If you like what we’re doing here, give us a review!

Victoria Canal on Eric Krasno Plus One. Eric welcomes his friend, singer-songwriter Victoria Canal. Really cool conversation with a young artist. She grew up across three continents and moved every year, and used songwriting to channel her fears of not fitting in. Her newest EP, Victoria, released on August 28th, represents a giant step forward for Canal as a writer and producer, and the resulting tracks convey a maturity far beyond her 22 years. We include a piece of the interview here, and please subscribe to Eric Krasno Plus One

90s Britpop on Beyond the Pond. This week, Dave and Brian look at the brief, brilliant peak of 1990s Britpop, exploring the foundations of the genre, the firework of a peak, the bands that defined it, and the post-Britpop era in popular rock. They look at bands like Oasis, Blur, Pulp and more. Subscribe to Beyond the Pond here. 

Steven Hyden on Across the Margin. You all know Steven from his podcasts 36 From the Vault, Celebration Rock and others, and from his books Twilight of the Gods and Your Favorite Band is Killing Me. He’s interviewed here by Michael Shields about his newest book, coming out this month, This Isn’t Happening, Radiohead’s Kid A and The Beginning of the 21st Century. Michael and Steven talk about this book, which explores the making and meaning of Radiohead’s groundbreaking, controversial, revolutionary album. Subscribe to Across the Margin here.  

Erika Wennerstrom on Inside Out wTnS. On a new episode, Rob and Seth chat with Erika Wennerstrom of the Heartless Bastards. They just released the single, “Revolution,” which will be part of the first full-length release from Heartless Bastards in over five years. Subscribe to Inside Out wTnS here. 


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