Top 5 Songs from the week we were born + Beach House album rollout + The biggest Bulls game since Obama + New Albums


In this week’s episode of The Drop, we turn the clocks back to the week we were each born to chat about the Top Five songs of the week of September 24, 1979 and March 19, 1985. It’s a fun chat that showcases the unique pop music nuances of the eras, while also giving us a chance to be a bit nostalgic about our childhoods. In addition we talk a bit of NBA, share our opinions on the new album rollout from Beach House all while recommending Osiris pods + new albums.


Osiris Podcast Recommendations:


Comes A Time – Jim Belushi

The Jambase Podcast – The Slip’s Brad Barr


Album Recommendations:


New Albums:

Marissa Nadler – The Path Of The Clouds

SUSS – Night Suite EP


The Drop is a Production of Osiris Media. It is hosted by Brian Brinkman & David Goldstein. The Drop is edited and produced by Brian Brinkman. Theme song by Amar Sastry. The executive producer of The Drop is RJ Bee.


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