The Lost Highway w/ Daniel Donato + JFAT 2021 + 1966 LPs + New Sonic Vibes

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In this week’s episode of The Drop, Dave sits down with cosmic country songwriter Daniel Donato to talk about his influences, his podcast on Osiris Media, The Lost Highway, and his experiences following Phish earlier this year. In addition, they discuss the unique TAB tour which just concluded, the newest Strand of Oaks record, as well as the amazing conclusion to the 2021 MLB season. Finally, they share two new albums they recommend + dip into 1966 for some records they love.

Osiris Podcast Recommendations:

The Lost Highway w/ Daniel Donato

Album Recommendations:

New Albums:

Nathan Salsburg – Psalms

Lawrence English – Observation Of Breath

Classic 1966 Albums

Bob Dylan – Blonde On Blonde

The Seeds – The Seeds

The Drop is a Production of Osiris Media. It is hosted by Brian Brinkman & David Goldstein. The Drop is edited and produced by Brian Brinkman. Theme song by Amar Sastry. The executive producer of The Drop is RJ Bee.


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