The Drop Presents: A “Get Back” Deep Dive (Part II)


Like many of you, we spent out Thanksgiving holiday consumed by Peter Jackson’s “Get Back” documentary about The Beatles’ January 1969 sessions. Across three episodes we break down our thoughts about the documentary, share our favorite moments, and discuss new insights into The Beatles and this fascinating period into their career.


Each episode focuses on themes we took away from the documentary. Part Two focuses on the creative process on display throughout the film + the outside influences that were threatening to pull the band apart during that period.


Please note: This podcast contains spoilers.


The Drop Presents: A “Get Back” Deep-Dive is a production of Osiris Media. It’s hosted & produced by Brian “Ringo” Brinkman, Matt “Macca” Dwyer, Jonathan “Sexy Sadie” Hart, and RJ “Cauliflower” Bee.


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