The Drop Daily—5 Things for 4/15/20

This used to be known as Tax Day, but now it’s just Wednesday. I’d like to first remind you to please check out Eric Krasno Plus One, our newest podcast, and subscribe so you don’t miss the first two episodes, which will come out next Monday with Dave Matthews and Laura Lee of Khruangbin. 

Some podcast news and one live video show we want to tell you about today. 

  1. Widespread Panic Fans—16 Best Shows Ever!? Our Widespread Panic podcast, Bluest Tape, is doing a project on the best 16 shows ever, in tournament format. This episode has eight killer shows that, if you haven’t heard them or don’t know about them, you’ll learn a lot from. 
  2. Phemale-Centrics—Silver Lining Alert! Dawn and her crew talk to guest Jilly about the Facebook Group she created, called Silver Lining Alert. The point of this group, according to the page, is to “practice the idea of not being physically close, while also remaining supportive and close in our hearts…sharing silver lining stories, memes, ideas, and accomplishments.” 
  3. One Eleven Heavy on Brokedown Podcast. This week Jonathan checks back in with James and Nick from the band, which is about to release its third album, Live At Jam Castle, in May. 
  4. Tapes Archive with Kurt Vonnegut from 2000. Really excited about this one. What would Kurt Vonnegut say about the situation we’re in today? Famously anti-religion, anti-war and pro-economic justice, check out this interview from 2000. 
  5. 9:30pm ET—God Ween Evan Trivia & Prizes! Tonight we’ll have “An Evening of Ween Trivia with God Ween Evan.” The newest Ween fan, Evan, will be trying to stump the rest of the GWE team about their Ween knowledge, and we will also have questions for fans watching and live chatting where they can win prizes. Come check it out!

Thanks for tuning in! See you all tomorrow.

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