The Drop — 4/14/23


  1. Undermine returns! We examine the New Year’s Run from 1997, and we’ll be looking at the 1998 Island Tour right after Phish’s Spring Tour wraps up. So look out for that, and catch up now.
  2. Phish on tour—HF Pod has you covered. Of course, Phish’s Spring Tour starts today in Seattle, and we’ll be recapping these shows on HF Pod. If you don’t follow HF Pod, please do. And we’re continuing our 40 for 40 series, today we’re going to do a live episode on 1995 at 4pm ET, and it’ll be released as a podcast shortly thereafter.
  3. Music Masters Collective. Shout out to our friends at MMC, a non-profit organization that produces unique music events, providing opportunities for fans and artists to meet and collaborate in an inspired and creative atmosphere. Every week, they host different events, all with the opportunity to learn from world-class musicians like our friends Oteil Burbridge, The Milk Carton Kids, and many more. This June, there’s an event called Magical Mystery Camp for musicians and music fans, and featuring a ton of great musicians.
  4. 10 New Albums. Pitchfork shares a list of 10 new albums you can listen to, which I find extremely helpful. Check out new music!


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