The Drop — 2/9/23


  1. Steve Albini on why he hates Steely Dan. This is kind of his schtick, he has said negative things about Phish and lots of other bands. Here’s what he said: “will always be the kind of punk that shits on Steely Dan… Christ the amount of human effort wasted to sound like an SNL band warm up.” Do you love or hate Steely Dan?
  2. Jack Antonoff on Ticket “Chaos”: It’s Not ‘Cause of Artists. If you want me to stop talking about this, let me know. In this interview, the superstar producer and musician opens up about the ticket fiascos we’re seeing.
  3. Pavement live on Austin City Limits. There’s a rare television performance by the band on PBS. Check it out.
  4. David Byrne’s Valentine’s Day Spotify playlist. I’m not even really a Valentine’s Day person, but hey, it’s David Byrne.


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