The Drop — 2/8/23

  1. Skull & Roses coming to Ventura County Fairgrounds. We’re proud to partner with this festival that explores unique interpretations of Grateful Dead music at California’s legendary Ventura County Fairgrounds April 19-23, 2023. 
  2. Backstreets closes after 43 years. This Bruce Springsteen fanzine that was founded in 1980 decided to stop publishing. We’ve talked a lot about how fans typically don’t hold artists responsible for this rise in ticket prices, but here’s an example of something that happened as a result. And fans who are holding the artist accountable. We’ll see how much more this happens. 
  3. Goose Chicks Pod talks about Goose and love. As we approach Valentine’s Day, we have a new episode from the Goose Chicks Podcast about the people who have found lasting love and connection via the Goose community. Really cool. 
  4. HF Pod 40 for 40 rambles on! We’re continuing our celebration of 40 years of Phish! This year we cover 1987. And today we have a great show in Phish history, 2/8/91 from Portsmouth, NH.

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