The Drop — 2/3/23


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  1. New Inappropriate Happiness with Karina Rykman and Isaac Slone. Karina and Isaac are great—they talk about tours, shows they’ve seen, and a lot more. I look forward to hearing from them every week, and there’s a new episode today.
  2. Merck Mercuriadis talks about the future of acquiring song catalogs. I mentioned last week that Justin Bieber’s catalog had been acquired for $200M, that was Merck’s company, Hipgnosis. In this interview, he talks about the acquisition of catalogs and what it means to him. They’ve sent about $3B over the past 10 years, acquiring 60,000 songs from huge artists across the board. Fascinating.
  3. New Unknown Mortal Orchestra double album coming March 17. The New Zealand based band is set to release their first album since 2018, and they have a new single, Layla, out today. You can watch that on Relix.
  4. Springsteen is back on tour! This is so exciting. Bruce kicked off the first E Street Band tour in six years in Tampa on Wednesday with a 28-song set that lasted almost 3 hours.


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