The Drop — 1/24/23

We may be bringing The Drop back! Let us know what you think, spread the word, and thanks for checking it out.

Tuesday, 1/24/23

  1. Music Industry Layoffs Continue. Per Digital Music News—Alphabet / Google, Amazon, Audacity, BMI, CD Baby, Meta, Microsoft, Patreon, SoundCloud, SoundHound, Snap, Spotify, TikTok and Twitter.
  2. Everyone hates Ticketmaster. Is everyone wrong? An in-depth article with lots of interviews and perspectives on whether Ticketmaster is really to blame about all the increases in ticket prices and the horrible experiences fans have. 
  3. RIP David Crosby. We encourage you to check out the podcast series we did with David, called Freak Flag Flying. As reported by many, he was working on a new album and tour, right up until the end.

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