Radiohead + Andy Frasco + Phish Fall 2000

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Fall 2000 on Under the Scales. As part of the Osiris project on Fall 2000, Tom brings you two amazing interviews. Part 1 features Andy Gadiel, the co-founder of JamBase, who was at every show for the latter part of the Fall 2000 tour. Part 2 features John Paluska, Phish’s first manager. John sheds light on Phish’s decision to take their first hiatus after playing hard on the road for 17 years. Subscribe to Under the Scales. 

Radiohead Discussed on 36 From the Vault. This week’s episode features a slight diversion focused on Radiohead. Steve and Rob look at their 2006 Bonnaroo set, and explore the ways the band structures their gigs, their approach to road-testing songs, and their own brand of experimentation within their live show. Check out Steven’s new book on Radiohead’s Kid A as well. And subscribe to 36 From the Vault. 

Roy Wood, Jr. on Comes A Time. On this latest episode, Mike and Oteil talk with comedian Roy Wood Jr. Roy shares what quarantine has been like as a comedian, his early experiences doing stand-up in the South, and what he’s picked up from musicians about the art of performance. Subscribe to Comes A Time. 

Andy Frasco on Eric Krasno Plus One. On this episode, Eric talks to the keyboardist and frontman Andy Frasco & The U.N. They talk about how Andy got into the music business and the jam scene, and how his band became a fan favorite on the live music and festival circuit. Subscribe to Eric Krasno Plus One.  


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