Phil Lesh + Shannon LaBrie + Exclusive Tracks!

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Shannon LaBrie on Past, Present, Future, Live! This week, I got to sit down with singer, songwriter and excellent musician Shannon LaBrie. She’s made her way from Nebraska to Nashville, with a lot of stops in between. Her unique voice has led to comparisons to Norah Jones, Jeff Buckley, and many others. Her songwriting style has evolved, and her current album, which was all recorded live to tape, has themes of emerging from struggle to a new place of redemption and clarity. As always, she plays a few exclusive tracks, and we share one of them on this episode!

Phil and Grahame Lesh on Eric Krasno Plus One. In this episode of Plus One, Eric welcomes Phil and Grahame Lesh. Phil talks about switching from violin to bass when Jerry asked him to join The Dead, and how he continued to find inspiration in the classical bass lines of Brahms and Bach. They also discuss the origin of Phil’s truly special music venue Terrapin Crossroads which opened in 2012—its origin, its legacy, and how it birthed The Terrapin Family Band with his son Grahame and others. 

Dick’s Picks 13 on 36 From the Vault. This new episode features Steve and Rob going into Dick’s Picks Vol. 13, from Nassau Coliseum on 5/6/81. A glorious return to the Brent era, this is a puzzling installment in the larger volume that features a lot of repeated tracks, before showcasing some stellar jamming in a bonus segment late in the show.


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