New Comes A Time + Keller Williams

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Liz Dozier on Comes A Time. This week, Mike and Oteil are joined by Liz Dozier, who tells the story of how she turned a Chicago high school around, which led her to start Chicago Beyond, an organization that invests in youth education. Liz discusses the challenges that kids face across the country, and why we need to think deeply about what they’re going through before we make any judgments. Subscribe to Comes A Time. 

Keller Williams on Groove Therapy. This week, Taraleigh and Leah chat with Keller Williams about the current state of live music and how it is has impacted him as a performer. He highlights the upside to starting over in the post COVID era and ways he has continued creating connections with fans in the digital world. Subscribe to Groove Therapy. 

We Made You A Song. This is a podcast that is not part of Osiris, but is really interesting and different. It’s made by The Steel Wheels, a bluegrass band based in Virginia, and is all based on songs that their fans commissioned. Check it out!


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