New Comes A Time + Genesis and Phish Pt. 2 + New T-Shirts

Hey everyone, today it’s just an audio podcast, but I’m going to share a clip of a new episode that you can also watch on YouTube if you want. But let’s get into it. Oh, if you like what we do here, please give us a review on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.

Civil Rights Discussion on Comes A Time. On this new episode, Oteil and Mike welcome Jim DeSimone, a civil rights attorney based in Los Angeles, to learn about what it means to be a civil rights activist, how to transform the police, and why we need to be vigilant about protecting our election. Jim shares his advice on how we can affect change in our communities, and the three discuss what it means to be a “common sense-ist”.They talk about organizations like ACLU, National Lawyer’s Guild, Habitat for Humanity, Water Drop LA and Venice Community Housing. You can watch this episode on our YouTube page.

Genesis and Phish Part 2. Dave, Brian and Matt keep going on their Genesis/Phish dive in part 2. In this part they go into Genesis, charting their entire career in four phases — Gabriel, 4 Then 3, Prog-Pop Transition, and Pop Band w/ Prog Sensibilities — and exploring the various influences which guided their ongoing evolution from prog innovators to one of the more successful pop-rock bands of all time. Lots of music in this one. 

Dr. Dog’s Eric Slick on Across the Margin. On this new episode, Michael Shields interviews Eric Slick, the drummer for Dr. Dog. Eric has a new album, Wiseacre, coming out today.

Charley Crockett on Southern Songs and Stories. On a new episode, Joe Kendrick talks to Charley Crockett, who describes his music as “Gulf and Western” based on his time in Texas and New Orleans. They discuss and play plenty of music from his seventh album Welcome To Hard Times mixed in along with interviews of Charley and producer Mark Neill.

Amazing new Osiris merchandise. We’ve worked with poster artist and designer Darryl Norsen to create a bunch of new merchandise, including t-shirts and hats. Check it out and grab some now. Here’s the one I got. 


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