Brand New Weekend Spins + New Episodes

We have a brand new segment for you all, and we’ll hopefully be doing this every week. And a bunch of new episodes. Let us know what you think. And please give us a review on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts, if you like what we do!

Tony Trischka on Comes A Time. This week, Mike & Oteil are joined by Banjo virtuoso Tony Trischka, considered among the very best pickers and one of the instrument’s top teachers, notably having taught innovative banjo player Béla Fleck. Subscribe to Comes A Time.

Aerosmith on Late Era. This week, the guys take on a record that they’ve been obsessed with, Honkin’ on Bobo, Aerosmith’s misguided attempt to capture the bluesy essence of rock n’roll. As they say, “if the blues is about pain, this is about getting paid and getting back to your yacht.” Through Bobo, Sam, Andy and Winston try to understand why so many aging white rockers start wearing fedoras and professing their affinity for rural Black musicians of yesteryear, and why anyone might enjoy hearing Steven Tyler cover Aretha Franklin. Subscribe to Late Era. 

MC Taylor of Hiss Golden Messenger on JamBase Podcast. This new episode features Andy Kahn in conversation with MC, talking about his recent live albums, his work with Durham Public Schools, constructing setlists and making sure there were no repeats on the two live records. They also talked about the Grateful Dead. Subscribe to the JamBase Podcast. 

Wood & Wire on Brokedown Podcast. This week Jonathan has an interview with Billy Bright of Wood & Wire. Billy talks about their latest album, “No Matter Where It Goes From Here”, Texas bluegrass, songwriting, and, of course, Grateful Dead. Subscribe to Brokedown Podcast.

Jenna Lebowitz on Groove Therapy. In this episode, Leah and Taraleigh sit down with Jenna Lebowitz from Jenstar Productions to chat about live music, health and wellness, and creating the life of your dreams. She shares her health and wellness secrets for life on the road, and off, and leaves listeners with tips on how to navigate these changing live music times gracefully and maybe even experience something you never dreamed possible before. Subscribe to Groove Therapy. 

Weekend Spins! Our friend Brian Brinkman will join us each…  

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