Episode 34: 2020 Pseudo-Summer Tour – The Southern Swing

As the band would have headed south for a few shows, the Pseudo-Summer Tour heats up with another full show of “best of” moments. This time we take some of our favorite performances from shows we have attended at each of these 4 stops: Virginia Beach, Raleigh, Charlotte, and Atlanta. At over 3 hours in length, and encompassing 13 shows over a 15 year span, this concert is one for the ages. The setlist is riddled with rarities, littered with liberations, and contains several of our all time favorite performances that you have likely never heard before! We are extremely excited to have created another full concert for you all, and we hope you enjoy our Southern Swing setlist. 

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Music in this episode: 07/26/04 06/29/05 06/20/06 06/21/06 09/18/07 09/19/07 07/01/08 07/20/10 07/21/10 07/26/13 05/27/16 05/28/16 07/19/19




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