Episode 6: Quentin Gladstone


We pick up the story with Terrance chasing new leads, while he plays back the tale of a previously unknown Sugar Maple owner, Quentin Gladstone—an unhoused young man who found community and purpose with a welcoming church and its charismatic minister, Solomon Randolph. But when Randolph puts the untrained Quentin in charge of the gospel music for his grand revival, Sugar Maple unleashes a frightening higher power that forces Quentin away from his found family, in terror and shame.


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Episode 6 stars Fred Savage as Terrance Woodrige, Stephen Saint-Felix as Quentin Gladstone, Ademide Akintilo as Reverend Solomon, Theodore Sapp as Nick Beasly, Nailah Williamas as Sister Mary, Michelle Hurst as Lucy Blue, and Jymil Littles as Anthony.


“Singing on the Mountain” was written by Don Hart and Thom Schuyler.


The Executive Producers of Sugar Maple are Tom Marshall and RJ Bee. Produced, Edited, Sound Designed, Mixed and Mastered by Brad Stratton. Story by Ben Colmery, A.R. Moxon, and Tom Marshall. Episode 6 written by Ben Colmery and A.R. Moxon. Directed by James Masciovecchio. Musical direction by Don Hart. Uncloudy Day and additional music scoring by David Sayles. Assistant Editor and Producer, Tom Sullivan. Production assistance from Zach Brogan and Christina Collins. Art by Mark Dowd. Social media director Nick Cejas.



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