Bonus Episode: Sugar Maple Live

In this special bonus episode, we share some live performances of Sugar Maple songs and some interviews that we conducted as part of the Osiris Live road show in May. We hope you enjoy.

Please listen to the songs from this episode wherever you listen to music (Apple, Spotify). And check out the limited edition poster for this episode, and the limited NFT release of episode and series art. If you like what you hear, please give us a review wherever you listen to your podcasts. 

Special thanks to our partners at Fiddlehead Brewing.

The Executive Producers of Sugar Maple are Tom Marshall and RJ Bee. Produced, Edited, Sound Designed, Mixed and Mastered by Brad Stratton. Story by Ben Colmery, A.R. Moxon, and Tom Marshall. Musical direction by Don Hart. Assistant Editor and Producer, Tom Sullivan. Ambient jams produced by Amar Sastry. Production assistance from Zach Brogan and Christina Collins. Art by Mark Dowd. Social media director Nick Cejas. 

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